A Question

The universe looks one way to humans,  another way to eagles  and yet another way to cats.

So, what does the universe really look like?

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  1. Yun

    Here is my reply found earlier while typing an email.

    I looked at my arm, and a little ant was caught in the fibers of my angora sweater, struggling for life on a soft sea of wool. I tried helping her off with a mail envelope, then realized one of her legs was caught onto a fiber. She tried climbing onto the envelope, pulling with all her might, then falling back to the sea of wool. At last I found a pair of scissors and cut her free. She fell down the table, I got her safely back onto the envelope, then carried her out to a pot of petunias.

    From cosmology I learned the universe is homogeneous and isotropic – with my central view in any place, every direction from here appears the same. On a morphological perspective, the view is isotropic only, being only the same from a central view – we all are complex stardust, but humans being ‘evolved’, do not see ants as equals. Yet this little ant acts just like me, her struggle is more primal than mine. So here I am a human, looking homogeneously at an ant. The universe must look the same everywhere, our looking just needs to be deeper.

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  2. Thanks Yun for your comment.


  3. Your posts remind me of this http://i.imgur.com/iYQ4OmU.gif I thought you would like it.

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  4. ‘Look’ itself, has many concepts. Can be both physical, meta-physical, beyond physical realm.

    If it was ‘look’ in a matter of physical, most of the eye will receive the same, unless, there is some cases one can face, illnesses, or other.

    And ‘look’ in a matter of meta-physical, this is the more complex! Our mind has differences although all of us have one thing in common; consciousness. So this means, our thoughts would be so much about it, we do think about how the stars shining on our planet, what knowledge can make us better on seeing the universe? While eagles, they don’t think that way.

    So I conclude using both concepts, universe is just universe. Something outer, but inner as well. The ease feeling of connection. Our consciousness just simply meet in there.


  5. Thanks for your comment Atika.


  6. Hi do you have email address I can contact? I got something to talk about. Thank you in advance!


  7. Haaha a great Q. So, one must be clear on “Actually”. Problem with our mind is we intuitively see things for which logic can’t be flawed. I will give an example in the form of another Q.
    ” Say a person is raised from childhood normally as any other, but this guy perceives the world differently — i.e what is red for us is blue to him and what is blue to him is red for us. So, when ever he sees something red, he “Perceives our blue”, but as his prents trained him and taught him that what he is seeing is “RED”, he names it as RED in his mind. Simlarly for BLUE. Now, his life goes normally as any one else. Only a person who could peep into the minds of this special guy and a normal one, can understand (if such people exist). So, we have no ways to differentiate the ways in which his perception is different from that of ours.

    Similarly, “Actually” is a wrong term. Every one has his perceptions. We are the reference frames for our own observations. But, if one wans to understand the “ABsolute” universe, one needs to go beyod these senses — because senses and mind cause disturbance in our perception (as I explained in my article).
    How to do that ? The Mysticism / esoteric studies help — yoga, meditations, rituals etc etc. All of the ancient wisdom is filled to remove this veil of illusion !!

    Thank You ! Respond critically, I do not mind 😉 😀

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    • amorinoblog

      I like this answer. But I’ll go one further- we can also understand the fundamental nature of the universe through careful philosophical analysis coupled with scientific observation and form a mental map of what it looks like, from beginning to end, etc. This can then be integrated into our “subjective” spiritual understanding of the world

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  8. Thanks for giving your views.

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  9. amorinoblog

    If you saw my reply to your comment on my blog, this is exactly what I’m getting at with the post about relativity. There is no “in itself” reality, its all relative to the observer!! Something that parallels Buddhist insights about reality


  10. amorinoblog

    I’ll go one further- what does the universe really “look” like? Imagine the universe from a “God’s eye” point of view, from the view of cosmology- the entire universe, seen as if from outside, where you can observe all of time in a single instant, viewing the universe as a 4 dimensional object from an omniscient viewer’s perspective- you see every lifeform that every was, is, or will be, each particle, how everything connects. The viewpoint, if you wish, of a perfectly enlightened Being.

    So the point is, for mere mortals, we can never know exactly what the universe “really looks like”. But we can imagine it, and that’s the great thing about abstract thought! As well as our ever expanding rational scientific knowledge of the world.

    Then you get into a long philosophical discussion about whether science can really “objectively” view the world if you don’t put in emotion, etc. etc. etc.


  11. Hi amorinoblog,

    Thanks amorinoblog for your comments. There is much to think about in your comments, so I will think and reply later.


  12. Hi amorinoblog,

    You wrote,” There is no “in itself” reality, its all relative to the observer! ”

    At this moment, when you look to your left you see something different from what you see when you look to your right.

    Why is that?


  13. The doesn’t “look like” anything. Looking is what we sense-perceive beings do. What it is another matter.


  14. Thanks for your comment.

    O.K. that is all right.

    At this moment, when you look to your left you see something different from what you see when you look to your right.

    Why is that?


  15. Ironically my husband were talking about this very thing yesterday, but the subject had to do with the preception some other life in the universe would have about us if we were to meet. We were listening to the radio ( science friday NPR ) and the host was talking about the radio waves that have been sent out. How could another intelligent being (?) determine if we were friend or foe . . . or food?

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  16. SonniQ, Thanks for all your comments.

    You wrote, ” I was always curious about perception. My reality vs someone else’s. How does perception change your reality.”

    If you are interested in these questions and are willing to do some serious thinking on this subject (it is hard work I warn you!), I will ask you some questions:

    What do you mean by ‘reality’ ?

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  17. It looks like there are but a handful of truths… The rest is from the vantage of “I”, which is largely only a point of reference or an interpretive center, but little to do with what we typically think of as “I”. Sometimes “we”, from the same vantage point can reach consensus, but eyewitness is pretty unreliable.

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  18. Thank you very much for your wise comment. I also think along the same lines. It is a very deep subject and as I see from your excellent blog you have the honesty and spiritual and intellectual independence to explore it. I would love to go into it with you and I would like to have your criticism of my these two other posts if and when you please:-




    Thank you.


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